Press Release
The TV program in 2012 from TVBS-G channel
Moisturizing Gel Series
As autumn and winter arrive, the most essential care is moisturizing the skin. The beautician Yen Liou in the TV program “I’m Every Woman” focused especially on both convenient and effective goods for the dry seasons of autumn and winter – lavender series for good night sleep . Yu Fan demonstrated them and explained how they can moisturize and soften rough hands.
Without applying lotion, just simply wear lavender gloves for 5-10 minutes for great moisturizing effects. There is the unique formula Moisturizing Gel which contains high in Vitamin E, jojoba oil, avocado oil, etc. to keep the moisture and help soften and smoothen the skin.
In addition to the gloves, the heel sleeves are for rough heels and feet and help comfort and relax fatigued feet and keep the feet soft and well.